Eaton and Enico’s ‘all-in-one’ C&I storage solution can run on new, or 2nd life, batteries (3188)

The new iteration of Eaton's xStorage, for C&I customers: it can house up to 2MWh capacity in new batteries and up to 0.8MWh in second-life batteries within its 20ft container. Image: Eaton.

Eaton and Enico have formed a partnership to help deploy the xStorage Container, a scalable, modular and fully integrated containerised energy storage solution.

The solution takes advantage of Eaton’s storage skills and Enico’s unique module integration expertise, the duo said.

The xStorage Container is an “all-in-one ready-to-use storage system”, designed for industrial and commercial purposes. It is scalable, with the 20ft containers capable of interconnection, working together to build capacity.

xStorage containers include a power conversion system, switchgear, racks of batteries and HVAC units, and can have a capacity of up to 2MWh for new batteries and 0.84MWh for second-life batteries.

The system will help enable PV self-consumption, the companies said, along with a number of other potential uses. These include peak shaving, load shifting, back-up power, electric vehicle charging station integration, frequency regulation and voltage regulation.

Eaton operates in 175 countries, providing power management services in the form of “a wide range of scalable and modular” systems according to Craig McDonnell, senior vice president and general manager of the power quality and electronics and emerging markets division, EMEA. previously reported on its extensive work with carmaker Nissan on second-life use of EV batteries for a residential scale xStorage unit as well as providing engineering for a recently launched grid-scale project at Amsterdam Arena.

“The launch of xStorage Container in collaboration with Enico enables us to further meet the needs of our customers who want to leverage our award-winning energy storage technology quickly with limited disruption for their buildings.”

Enico, a Finnish modular storage company, also welcomed the partnership, with Marko Lähteenmäki, CBO, Enico adding that the collaboration with Eaton "enables us to further meet the needs of our customers with a combined solution from two technology leaders".

This story first appeared on our UK site, Solar Power Portal.

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