Andy Colthorpe

Editor • Energy Storage News

Andy joined PV-Tech in the summer of 2013, having worked as a journalist for a news and events information company for five years prior to that. He graduated from Pembroke College, Oxford University in 2004 with a degree in Oriental Studies, specialising in Japanese culture, language and history. His interests include current affairs, literature, history, sport and loud music. He now writes on a range of topics for PV-Tech, Solar Business Focus and Photovoltaics International, which includes using his knowledge of Japan. Andy relishes the challenge of working in a sector which promotes a genuine concern for the planet as well as presenting a workable commercial alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear power. He is greatly enjoying the challenge of researching, writing and engaging with the solar power industry, which, he says, is always made exciting by the passion of the people that work in it.